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Cooperative Multi-tasking

ATL comes with a multi-tasking solution that is very light weight and simple but does the job. Important to remember is that is it a cooperative multi-tasking solution and not a preemptive multi-threading solution. The difference is that a cooperative solution requires your Tasks to be aware that there are other tasks that need to be executed also, where as a preemptive multi-threading solution forces the switch from one thread (task) to the other.

Out of the box the macros in Task.h utilize a C++ trick that involves jumping in and out of a switch statement. The mandatory unsigned int _task var keeps track of the state the task is in and makes it possible to resume the task where it left of when it yielded execution.

Typically a Task is a dedicated class that implements one Task method (macro) and has the mandatory int _task (private) member variable.

class MyTask

		while (true)
			Task_YieldUntil(/* some condition */);

			// perform operation

	unsigned int _task;

The TaskBegin and TaskEnd macro's define the (Execute) method that is Task-method. The method uses the unsigned int _task private variable. You can see the endless while(true) loop in the method's body which would normally hang your program. But because of the Task_YieldUntil macro it yields execution control back to the caller until /* some condition */ is met and the executes some task-specific operation.

The MyTask::Execute method must be called repeatedly -directly or indirectly- from the loop() method in the Sketch.

This way multiple Task classes can be combined and work together - without seriously hampering each other.

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